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Celtic Book Stand


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This book holder has been constructed for your convenience, easily unfolding to help raise your books from your work surface to help you from having to crane your neck and otherwise helping to protect your book from spills or damage to its binding. Sculpted beautifully from pine wood that has been stained to a dark, antiqued finish, it also portrays a beautiful pattern of images rooted within Ancient Celtic design. At their core you'll find an intricate weave of knots that forms three wheels, the Triple Moon, as well as the three points of the Celtic Triquetra.


Created so as to present a solid, seamless construction, this book holder folds out from a flat, easy-to-store pattern that measures 14 3/4" long to stand 8" high and 13" wide. What's more, the v-shaped design also helps you to protect the binding of of books, helping to ensure that your favorite works will last well into the future.