An Angelic Herbal Enchantment for Motivation from Project Fey

The holidays can prove to be a stressful time balancing our time between work and family.  It's easy to find your nerves shot, as you are interrupted by phone calls, errands, kids being home from school, decorating for Yule, and other family commitments, not to mention trying to find time to shop for Yule presents!


After researching the snowdrop plant, I stumbled across the information on the archangel Cassiel and his links to it, and I felt my stomach flip over. I got that psychic tingle that lets me know when I am on to something good. In the past, I had worked magick with angels, but it wasn’t something I did on a regular basis.


Regardless, I knew there was a reason I had found all the information and how suitable and appropriate it seemed for my needs. It felt like the universe was giving me a psychic nudge. After all, I had been asking the God and Goddess for help to get this project finished on time, and right there, falling neatly into my lap, was this fabulous information. So, with the holidays fast approaching and work deadlines getting closer every day, I decided to give this a try. It worked so well for me that I decided to share it with you. Oh, and if you are wondering—yes, Witches can work with angels. Try it out for yourself and see how you do.


Since this archangel is aligned with Saturn, work this spell on a Saturn’s day—Saturday. If possible, work with the snowdrop plant; a blossom or two in a little vase would be lovely. If you cannot procure the fresh blossoms, then I would light a snow-white candle instead. Votive, pillar, jar, or taper candle—it’s your choice. (Being a practical Witch, I found a picture of the blooming snowdrop plant on the web, printed it out, and glued it onto a seven-day jar candle.)

Once you have the flowers arranged and/or the candle burning, repeat the following spell verse: 

I call upon Cassiel; the snowdrop is your sacred flower, 
Help me finish my project in a timely manner and hour. 
Even as the snowdrop blooms in the darkest and coldest of days, 
Help me to remain strong, focused, and motivated, come what may. 
May Cassiel, the archangel of creativity, 
Assist me now, and as I will it, so must it be!


Allow the candle to burn out in a safe place on its own.


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