How To Maximize The Energy Of A SuperMoon

The Glastonbury Tor During A 2015 Super Moon

Pictured On Left:  The Glastonbury Tor During A 2015 Super Moon


The Super Moon is the most favorable period for the rituals of intense purification of the negative, be it to purify a space, cleanse an aura, removing damage (physical, emotional, psychic) or banishing all that is unnecessary. 


The light of the Super Moon can offer cover to the things that hinder our development or inhibit our growth as an individual.  Super Moon rituals are great for getting rid of particularly difficult habits to break such as drug abuse, unhealthy diet, unhealthy attachment to someone.  



To Maximize Friday’s Transformational Shifts

  • Listen deeply and tune in your emotions…. The Super Moon happening in Pisces means that we have potential to develop new insights and intuitions on people and situations. Quiet your mind, and listen closely. You might uncover important information about a person or situation that has been confusing or eluding you.

  • Set intentions for new beginnings… Find it in yourself to forgive the past and clear the space for whatever new and amazing possibilities you are seeking. I like to write down what I hope to achieve and let into my life in the next couple of months, and speak then speak it out-loud as intentions to manifest in the universe.

  • Let go with grace… Be prepared to say goodbye, and to release the people/beliefs/situations in your life that no longer serve you. It might be painful, it might be scary, or it might be liberating depending on your attitude and circumstances. You might have had a really tough week as you shift and release, please trust that things will get better next week! I also like to write down what I am releasing and banishing from my life and then burn the piece of paper.

  • Be sure to stay grounded… As you embrace these new possibilities, do not force or rush into making decisions. If you are making a life changing decision, really ask yourself, “Is this in line with my highest self?” and take a moment to reflect. Think and feel deeply about the choices you make, because they will echo through the next few months. When in doubt, take a deep breath and slow down!

  • Keep an Open Heart & Open Mind… We can never predict what the future holds, or where our decisions will lead us. If you are pursuing life changes, a new job, moving, new relationships or new creative pursuits, recognize that the outcome might be different from how you anticipated, and this is OK. What the universe has in store for you might be so far beyond what you can even imagine. Try to embrace the unknown, and go with the flow.

  • Consider the Shift Happening For the Collective… Our world is reaching a precipice where big changes are happening, and need to continue to happen, in order for life to survive and thrive. Every little thing you do to be part of the solution, from spread loving kindness and compassion, to making people smile, to paying it forward, to recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters of humanity, can make a huge difference. If we can collectively set our intentions for goodness for the human race and for all life, it is possible that we can use Friday’s energies to have an lasting impact on the flow of life over the next several months.

    Wishing you profound blessings and love as we work together through our personal and collective transitions!


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    I always always allllways use supermoons to gather moon water and keep it for when I’ll need it most! Charged water is always useful.

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