Free $50 Gift Certificate Give Away For Beltane


Project Fey is giving away a Free $50 Gift Certificate!  Have you been eyeing the one perfect Book of Shadows and saving up for it?  Did you notice the new wands available and have found the perfect one just for you?  Use the $50 for yourself or the perfect gift for someone you love!  In just 3 minutes you can enter the drawing up to 6 times.  Just read through the different options of ways to enter and complete the ones you want to, press 'skip' to go to the next entry method or use them all for the most chances to win!


April 2012 - Ann M.

"I can't believe I won the $75 Gift Certificate and the amazing basket filled with all kinds of goodies including my favorite...Fey's Magickal Fire!  I'll be getting the custom book of the dreams thanks to Project Fey!!!!"

March 2012 - Felicitie F.

"Fey's Magickal Fire is a really, really awesome and works just like it says it does - sparkles and pops and comes to life with color!  Great for the kiddies and to add a little mysticism to your workings."

February 2012 - Melissa M.

"This is truly a piece of art...and it's mine!  I'm now a lifetime Project Fey customer."

January 2012 - Diana R.

"I can't believe how lucky I am.  The pictures don't do the products justice!!!  They are more amazing in person."

December 2011 - Nicholas F.     

"Wow!  I've never won anything!"

November 2011 - Diana G.     

"I can't believe I got this amazing book!  It's unbelievably beautiful and I'll definitely be buying your other products."

October 2011 - Justin D.

"What an awesome and unexpected gift for Samhain!  Thanks Project Fey.  I'm a customer for life!!!"


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Caitlin Star

These are the most amazing and unique ritual tools that I have ever seen! I already have one of your amazing books – and it is truly the treasure of all my pagan tools. After a year, the books energy is still palpable. FIVE STARS TO PROJECT FEY!



Raymond Kinney

I think its great and I am so lucky to have found it !!! Definitely meant to be ~

Keli Belanger

Love your merchandise…

christopher melton

t.y. 4 the invite. i thought it rude if i did not enter. :) BB !!!

Ruth-Anne Tseng (Rube Tuesday)

I’ve seen the exqusite work showcased on facebook by Project Fey since I “liked” it. You provide a great service to those looking for the beautiful and unique. Thank you.

Denise L.

I love your things — especially your wands! Right now I’m using a twig as a wand but once I saw your beautiful creations I started saving!!!

Bright blessings to you all. :o)


All the work I’ve seen is gorgeous and stunning. I’ve had my eye on the dragon altar table for a bit now ;)


Great website. Love your stuff.

Elizabeth Greentree

Project Fey is amazing!

Shawn Smith

I’m hoping this is how I enter for the drawing! If not.. Considering this a HELLO and How are you? I hope this little note finds you happy as a pig in … MUD! LOL!

Take care… Shawn

Mary Diana Lilyquist

Gorgeous work. When my financial situation improves, I’m coming here to shop :)

Lisa Cox

Amazing woodwork! Just love the detail and selection.


They’re products are breathtaking, photos just don’t do them justice.


Beautiful work!


I haven’t had the means to buy anything but I’ve seen so many things I want for myself and to give as gifts.


I love that your things are “made”, not produced.

suzanne fladrick

Everything i’ve seen so far is so totally unique and amazing..these aren’t just ’products’these are precious treasures to have for all time,and beyond


I have been eyeing your stuff for awhile! I simply don’t have the money set aside for buying luxuries right now, but I am looking forward to when I can make a purchase. Your work looks gorgeous and it seems you put a lot of care and thought into each piece. I look forward to seeing new creations from you in the future.


The product selection is fantastic! I’ll be buying something soon, for sure!

Rita O.

I love your stuff! Everything I want always is sold out! :-)


I love the books…I want one for my groups official book of shadows!

Vickie McNeely

I just found this site and have to say I’ll be coming back on a regular basis. The product selection is wonderful.


Just found the site for the first time but it looks very interesting. I love handmade and wooden tools.

Victoria Watkins

I am new to the sight. Looks extremely interested. Look forward to looking around!

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