Spell to Protect Your Health

Spell Date:  Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color of the day:  White

Herb of the day:  Geranium

This is a perfect day to begin a new healthier lifestyle, to start losing weight, and become more physically fit. Since it is a waning Moon phase we can use this for “decreasing” your weight. We will use the energies of Tuesday, a Mars day, to stir up some courage and enthusiasm. You can begin by making a vow to walk at least thirty minutes a day. You just need some walking shoes, the outdoors, and your own personal will to make a positive change. Try enchanting your walking shoes for success. 

Today I begin a healthier way of life, 
May the god Mars make me strong and strengthen my stride. 
Tuesday’s magic is for vigor, bravery and derring-do, 
I will lose weight as I exercise in these enchanted shoes.

Congratulations on becoming a healthier Witch! 


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