Spell to Ace This Project

Ace This Project Spell

Spell Date:  Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color of the day:  Yellow

Incense of the day:  Bay Laurel


Creative energy is all around you during the spring; here's a spell to bless a new project. You'll need an orange candle, a cinnamon stick, and a deck of tarot cards. You'll be using all four aces to bring balance to your project. Arrange the cards around the candle, light the candle, and, holding the cinnamon stick in your hand, meditate a bit on the tarot images before you. Letting the light from the orange candle warm you, rub the cinnamon stick between your hands to warm it, and smell the scent. 
Repeat the following: 

I have an ace within my heart, 
And now this project will make a start, 
Bringing creative energy 
A great success this now shall be! 

Leave the cinnamon stick next to the candle, and let the candle burn out. The cinnamon stick should be kept with you and will be your talisman for this project.



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