Charge Of The Goddess

Project Fey Spell - Charge Of The Goddess

I am the Moon Shining on Dark Water
I am the Reflection in a Lightless Room
I am that which is within you
And can only be seen from outside
For my Love mountains have moved
And the Seas have lain still
I am the want in the mouths of the wealthy
I am the need in the hearts of the poor
I am the cruelty within the Sunlight
And I am the Rest in the Light of the Moon
In times past I have been Joy and Sorrow
Pain and Healing, Lust and Innocence
In times to come, I will be Hope and Futility,
Faith and Despair. 
I am that which lies inside and can only be seen from without
And I am that which is all around and can only be known from within
For in my Life, there is Death and in My Love there is knowledge
Know that to find me, you must cease looking,
And to know me, will be to find yourself
So look again on the Moon of Hectate
So look again at the Moon of Ages
Look again at the Light in the Blackness
Look again at the Self in Unself
Glory, Revel, Feast in the knowing of Me

Blessed BE! 


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