How To Create A Faerie Nightlight

Faerie NightlightThis is a FUN craft that your children or any faerie lover will love and appreciate! They can be used in bedrooms when someone is afraid of the dark or even in the garden to give it an extra touch of magick.

Start with a mason jar with a lid (a spaghetti jar works well too!). Gather some diamond glitter (glittery pieces of glass or plastic thats the size of resin incense - can be found it craft stores). 

Break a glow stick and pour the liquid over the glittery pieces.  Be very careful to make sure that your kids dont decide to drink the liquid - or your pets either! Shake up the mixture and VOILA...instant faerie nightlight! 

Its especially fun to mix different colors of glittery pieces together in one jar.  Mix your glittery pieces and liquid from the glow stick in separate bowls to keep the colors distinguished and then mix them together in the jar afterwards.  Here's a faery spell you can use if you are placing your nightlight outside or in your garden:

I summon forth garden Faerie
Sprinkle, shine and make all merry
Combine our magick this very night
Bringing joy with this light

Have fun and be creative!

☆~☽✪☾~☆ Brightest Blessings from Project Fey ☆~☽✪☾~☆


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This is a lovely idea! I will definitely try it with my kids!


How long does the glow last?


Glowsticks will retain the glowing ability if you freeze them for a while. I wonder if these would do the same.


9 years of girl scout projects and I have never heard this beauty! Thank you!


Beautiful! Going to do this with my kids


Love this idea!!! My girls will LOVE it!! Can not wait to do this with them

Ann shortis

Love it!


is this something where you would have to pour some of the liquid glow from the sticks every so often or does it keep its charge with light? Very cool project!

angelique tyson

that is soooo beautiful,awsome idea =)

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