How To Do A House Blessing Spell for Protection & Cleansing

How to do a House Blessing Spell to Cleanse & Protect your home created by Project Fey
History of House Blessing Spells and Rituals

House blessing spells and rituals have been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years, by people from all religions - pagans, druids, Wiccans, Celtics, Voodoo and Santeria practitioners, Christians, Buddhists and Hindu's.  

When to do a House Blessing

House Blessings are typically requested when: you purchase or move into a new home, after a death or traumatic event, if you feel an unwanted presence, spirit or entity in your home, or to create an environment of peace & harmony when you feel unrest in your dwelling. 

 Depending on why you are doing your home blessing I would suggest different days to do this House Blessing Spell.

  • Mondays are associated with the home.
  • Thursdays are associated with the family.
  • Saturdays are associated with the banishment of negativity 
Types of House Blessings 
Whether its a printed card that is framed and hung on a wall, salt purification, hanging herbs or placing crystals around your home, saying mantras or using combinations of all of these and more can be used for these rituals.

We will be focusing on just one House Blessing today that is very old and variations of this spell are used by many traditions.

How to Perform the House Blessing Spell for Cleansing and Protection

First, begin by cleansing your home's exterior and setting a circle of protection around your home with salt.  

  • I prefer to use Sea Salt, but any kind of salt will do (including table salt).  
  • White salt cleanses and protects.  
  • Use black salt if you need to remove and absorb negative energy from your home.  

First ground and center yourself and clear your mind of all thoughts.  Then begin to say a mantra of your own words, this can be something like "Remove all negativity from this place.  Only those with love in their hearts may enter this home."  Repeat these words and you walk around the outside of your home sprinkling the salt where the base of your home meets the ground.  This creates a circle of protection and cleansing.

Once you have finished with the outside of your home, begin the house blessing on the inside of your home.  You should do what the spell says as you say the words.


Touch the lintel and touch the wall
Nothing but blessings here befall
Bless the candle that stands by itself
Bless the book on the mantle shelf
Bless the pillow for the tired head
Bless the hearth and the light shed
Friends who tarry here, let them know 
A three fold blessing before they go
Sleep for weariness - peace for sorrow
Faith in yesterday and tomorrow
Friends who go from here, let them bear 
The blessing of hope, wherever they fare
Lintel and windows, sill and wall
Nothing but good, this place befall
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