Chakra Healing Meditation from Project Fey

Chakra Healing Meditation from Project FeyFrom beneath Me arises the Energy of the Earth
My Home and my Foundation

From Above me pours down the Light of the Sun
And the Enchanting Moon

To My Right Hand flows the Strength to Control 
And direct the Power of Magick

To My Left Hand comes the Skill to Divine and to Heal
The Source of all Blessing

Before Me arises the Perfect One, 
I Strive to Beome
My Magickal True Self!

Behind Me falls the One I Was
And with it my discared failures

Around Me Circle the Eternal Stars,
Lamps of Wisdom, in the Depths of Space

Within Me grows the Flame of Life!
The Light of Experience and Understanding

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just beginning to investigate the power of aura, chakra and balancing energies. You seem to have hit so many budding interests. Thank you


thank you for all you wonderful efforts<3 i enjoy reading your articles.

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