Pentagram Protection Blessing Spell by Project Fey

Pentagram Protection Blessing Spell by Project Fey Pentagram Protection Spell by Project Fey, great for talismans, jewelry, altar pieces
By the Pentagram I Wear
By Water, Fire, Earth and Air
Ruled by Spirit as all should Be
As I speak, So Mote it Be!
In front of me is the Air
Behind me is the Water
On my right, is the Fire
On my Left, is the Earth
Around me shines the Light of Power
Above and Below me doth it Tower
I call to the Lord and Lady of Healing
Hear my Prayer, with Love and Feeling
Protection and Power please Send
Your Strength and Might please Lend

So Mote it Be

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Thank you for the protection spell. I wear my pentagram as well as my hammer a great deal. I was looking for the right words in enhancing their meaning to me.


Hi, i have been in the religion for awhile in the past but am getting back into it now. And i am looking for a mail order catalog and like minded people in my area. How do i go about this?

Fey Wilde

Raven – It is very important that you learn to raise, control and manipulate your own energy and the energy around you. This is critical while working solitary and even more so when working with others so that you don’t unintentionally siphon the energy from those around you. This is a practice that can take a life time to master.

All witches need to believe in themselves, and accept that they become in tune with cosmic energy when they call upon higher realms, invoking angels, archangels, and deities. The energy of the cosmos channels through them and the responsible witch learns how to control and bend energy to their will. Thus moulding and shaping the energies, to then direct this energy for healing, channeling, aura readings, spirit writing and spirit art. All matter vibrates with an energy, and through meditation the energy can be sped up, opening the witch to energies, and messages not perceivable with their everyday senses. As witches work on themselves through meditation, magickal and healing practices. The witch works with power raising rituals and ceremonies, the physical, psychic and spiritual energies of the witch then meld with the energies of the cosmos, creating a bolt of power. As the energies of the witch and the energies of the cosmos become one, a magickal pathway is created for the energy to flow through. Proficient witches are able to draw down the energies of the Moon, and they are able to draw energy from the Earth and the sky. The witch becomes a vessel for energy, spiritual enlightenment and enormous power with which to work.


I’m a new white witch and my question is that when other wiccans come around me they say they can’t be around me cause my energy leave is so hot and bright I burn them up my question is…. Is that normal or is it a bad thing do I need to learn control it or leave it be I’ve been studying wiccan beliefs,spells and heritage I love living for my gods and goddess life is very peaceful and relaxing some of my friends tell me I’m very powerful and not to worry about controlling my energy cause truthly its protecting from any negativity Energy that might come around I would appreciate Some input in what right or wrong!!!


How do I use the spell? I read it with my Pentacle in hand but there was nothing. I am a wiccan/pagan and my goddess is Nyx- Greek goddess of Night.


my pentagram felt like it was on fire it is hot and it felt power full like ive got powers it made me feel blessed to be on earth and im a new white witch and i do belive in spirits but they will not show them selfs could you give me a tip to talk to them thanks


Very beautiful poem,got tingly when I read it. Blessed be.

Spider II

Thank you for this. I was looking all over for a protection spell for my pentacle, I’m a new witch, well new to this day and age. I will definitely use this…thanks so much! Blessed Be!


Excellent protection spell. Thank you.

BB )O(

Jennifer Atchison Hunter

Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.
Blessed Be

Judy Hamm

Hello Fey, the protection spell I will use for my loved ones. Blessed be.


Hi Fey. I met you at FPG. I was with Justin and Nyt from Sublime Elm. I’m saving my pennies for a new BoS. I can’t wait. Blessings, Eden

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