Ritual to the Gods

Project Fey Green Man Tree SpellO Great God of the Forest, Lord of the Trees
Thyne are the Mountains that rise o'er the Sea

Great Horned Hunter and Lord of the Night
That brings us from darkness into the Light

Green Man of the Ages. Wisend Sage
I give you Reverence in this new Age

Your Children Awaken as the Wheel Turns
Your Light Shines Brightly as it Flickers and Burns

Into our Souls and Spirits and Hearts
We Merry Meet and Merry Part

You bring Strength and Balance, Power and Might
You Bring Laughter, Mirth, Courage and Sight

O Great God of the Forest, Lord of the Trees
I Give you Reverence, I Honor Thee

Lord of the Sun, God of the Day
I walk my Path, the Blessed Way

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August knight

Love what you do.

Strutty Buddy

Although I don’t check my email often, I hope you don’t mind if I share you on Facebook! I have a page called “Halloween Offal- Dangerous offerings” that I only intended to use for re-finding things that I found useful, but apparently now I am a part of a community made largely of Wiccan afficianados! I think they would LOVE your site! I’ll be looking in!(Oh yes, I am also Strutty Buddy, lol)

star willow wolf

Thank you so much for posting this!! Do you know by chance who is the artist of this picture ?


This is SOOO beautiful

cosmic dave

great musings
who did the artwork :)


I love this one and can’t get enough of Project Fey’s Magical Musings! Keep them coming. :)

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