$100 Free Gift Certificate to Project Fey


Project Fey is giving away a Free $100 Gift Certificate!  Have you been eyeing the one perfect Book of Shadows and saving up for it?  Did you notice the new wands available and have found the perfect one just for you?  Use the $50 for yourself or the perfect gift for someone you love!  In just 3 minutes you can enter the drawing up to 6 times.  Just read through the different options of ways to enter and complete the ones you want to, press 'skip' to go to the next entry method or use them all for the most chances to win!


April 2012 - Ann M.

"I can't believe I won the $75 Gift Certificate and the amazing basket filled with all kinds of goodies including my favorite...Fey's Magickal Fire!  I'll be getting the custom book of the dreams thanks to Project Fey!!!!"

March 2012 - Felicitie F.

"Fey's Magickal Fire is a really, really awesome and works just like it says it does - sparkles and pops and comes to life with color!  Great for the kiddies and to add a little mysticism to your workings."

February 2012 - Melissa M.

"This is truly a piece of art...and it's mine!  I'm now a lifetime Project Fey customer."

January 2012 - Diana R.

"I can't believe how lucky I am.  The pictures don't do the products justice!!!  They are more amazing in person."

December 2011 - Nicholas F.     

"Wow!  I've never won anything!"

November 2011 - Diana G.     

"I can't believe I got this amazing book!  It's unbelievably beautiful and I'll definitely be buying your other products."

October 2011 - Justin D.

"What an awesome and unexpected gift for Samhain!  Thanks Project Fey.  I'm a customer for life!!!"


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I LOVE your Book of Shadows, they are sooooo awesome! Just beautiful.


I would have to say my favorite product is the beautifully crafted book of shadows! I have my eye on the butterfly detailed one!


The birch tree book of shadows! Gorgeous woodwork!


I would have to say that all of Project Feys creations are fabulous, I particularly like the oak leaf wand!


I don’t yet have a favorite product; I’m still thinking!


The Books of Shadows and wands are my favorite! Hand-crafted and, obviously, high quality!


My favorite items are the runes and the beautiful wands!


The runes and the wands are my favorite magikal items!

Noel K.

What a beautiful site with some fabulous items. Definitely not the mainstream.

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