How To Cleanse, Charge & Store Your Herbs & Plants

You've got the herbs & plants you want to use for ritual, spell crafting or kitchen witchery... 
What do you do next?

You certainly don't want to just plop them in the dirt without charging them with your magical energy or pluck them from the soil without cleansing them.  Cleansing and charging your herbs and plants doesn't need to be long or complicated. But it does need to be done.


First, you will start by charging your plant when it is first planted or before using it for magical purposes.  

Sit outside on the ground, or if being outside is not possible, then inside on the floor.  Take a moment to clear your mind and then ground and center yourself.  Feel your energy connect to the power of the Earth below you.  Fill yourself with the energy of the Divine and then gaze upon or touch the plant that you want to charge and say:

How To Cleanse, Charge & Store Your Herbs & Plants from Project Fey

Plants of life and all that's living
With magick that is ever giving
With every minute that you grow
Our energies, combined, will flow
Increasing your potency with every hour
I fill you with my Magical Power
As I share with you this energy
Charged you are, So Mote It Be!


Using cut plants in rituals or spell crafting

When you trim or cut, part or all of a plant, you are dissecting a part of its natural energy.  Plants are living things, just like animals, with their own inherent energy.  


Before removing any cuttings you need to attend to the spirit of the plant.  Ask for permission, offer it a blessing or offering and thanksgiving are particularly critical: it does you no good to work with anything with lingering negative energy!


Of course, if you are able to obtain plants or herbs that have freely fallen or dropped naturally this is not an issue.  Such as flowers or other parts of the plant that naturally have fallen in the wind or if the plant has already become uprooted from storms or animals.  Although, I would always recommend you pause and give thanks for the blessings of the plant. 


Now that you have harvested the plants that you want to use it's time to cleanse them with breath
After coming to a place of calm and peace, you can blow over your cut plants or herbs, with the intention of being a conduit for Divine Energy.

Blow the negativity away, and blow positivity in - imagining this as white or golden light replacing any shadows in the plant.

How To Store Your Charged and Cleansed Plants and Herbs

The key to good storage is to remember that your plants are sacred objects, with a consciousness of their own. They must be treated with respect.

Ideally, you might have a wooden chest, a clean or unused herb jar or something similar to store them in, if they will not be used immediately.  You can also hang them in a special or sacred place within your home.

However, in my experience a Ziploc bag can work, as long as it's clean. Although, you don't want it to end up at the bottom of a pile of other things! 

Some other storage ideas are to wrap your cuttings in some nice tissue paper to store them in. (Pick some up cheap at discount stores.)

Another good alternative is to find scraps of nice fabrics, and sew pouches for your herbs. Natural fabrics are definitely best. You don't need to sew them yourself, of course, but pouches are very easy, and putting your care into them will convey your care to the objects that are stored in them.

~☽✪☾~ Brightest Blessings from Project Fey ~☽✪☾~


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Whitneyx Rasconl

Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, so I am going to inform her.


Each of the details and simplified explanations are excellent tools. As I am a novice, I am looking for a gentle teacher. Thank you!


Thanks for the info. I just did a “kitchen witch” class for my group and when I do the herbs class I will give them this.

Goddess Lover

This is absolutely perfect, especially at this time of year when everything is in bloom and full of life and energy to be used. Thank you for providing such great information! I can’t wait for the next Magical Musings post…

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