7 Days of Magic – Calendar Guide to Spell Casting

7 Days of Magic – Magical Correspondences for Each Day of the Week

Here is a quick guide to follow to help you correspond your spell and potion castings to certain days of the week. Each day of the week corresponds with 7 different planets. This will help you achieve your magical goals by drawing in that particular energy.

Here are the days and the planets that rule them!

  • Sunday – Sun
  • Monday – Moon
  • Tuesday – Mars
  • Wednesday – Mercury
  • Thursday – Jupiter
  • Friday – Venus
  • Saturday – Saturn

Here are the planets meanings so you can plan your spell casting and rituals!

Sunday – Ruled by the Sun – Is a power day! It has the strongest energy, this is a day you can cast anything. But being more specific you can focus on casting on increased energy, health, happiness, money and general prosperity. This is the day that represents you, and your personality. So do what you love today!


Monday – Ruled by the Moon – Moods and Emotions rule this day. The moon represents the inside of your heart and mind. Your deepest desires, secrets, dreams and wishes. A great day to work with anything regarding clarity, divination, emotional issues, deepest wishes, hopes, aspirations and secrets. Its also great for female work, particularly fertility.


Tuesday – Ruled by Mars –  If you are needing to cast work regarding strength, courage, endurance, leadership this is a great day for it. Its about drive and energy today. This is also a good day to work on clearing out conflicts, divorce, break-ups, competition and even violent situations. Good for working on gossip, court cases, anything legal, contract negotiations. Its all about fixing and repairing disputes.


Wednesday – Ruled by Mercury – Its all about communication! This is also another good day for divination work. Cast spells today for sending clear messages, thoughts and dreams. Good to correct any miscommunication that may have already happened. Anything to do with yourself, expressing yourself, how you feel about yourself as well as others. Getting the message across whatever it may be, loud and clear for all to hear. This is your day!


Thursday – Ruled by Jupiter – This is a wonderful day for magic! This is a day for abundance, luck, wisdom, expansion, growth, business success, educational success, money. Anything in your life presently that needs a lot of attention, this is a good day to cast spells and perform ritual.


Friday – Ruled by Venus – Of course a day for all things related to matters of the heart and beauty. Cast spells for any type of relationship, attraction, healing, protection, loyalty, trust, fidelity, marriage, children and engagements. This is also a great day to have a beauty bath ritual.


Saturday – Ruled by Saturn – This is the day for attuning your psychic and third eye abilities. Learn to be self-disciplined. This is also a day to help people who are ill, or near end-of-life. Either healing those who care for the sick, or giving peace to those who are sick and injured. This is also a day to help with mental health issues. This can be a challenging day for facing fears. Binding, cursing and repelling work is popular this day, so if you have a score to settle, get to it.


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