Spell to give encouragement and strength

You will need the following items for this spell: 
  • A jade, rose quartz or amethyst crystal
  • Frankincense or one of the blends suitable for the purpose Oil burner

This is a spell which enables you to work with someone without them necessarily knowing what you are doing. This is used only for positive encouragement or to let someone know that you care about them and what they do. 

  • Light the burner.
  • Pour a little additional oil into your hand and rub your hands together to raise power.
  • Hold the crystal in your most powerful hand and pass it through the fumes from the oil burner three times.
  • Face the direction you know the recipient to be. Say Goddess of Love, Goddess of Power,

"Hear me now as I thee implore Help [name] to do what they must Create the conditions for their success."

  • Build up a ball of energy around the crystal until it is as powerful as you can make it.
  • Place the crystal by the side of your bed, directing the energy of the ball towards the recipient and know that it will be transmitted to the recipient as self-confidence for the task in hand.
  • Visualize the person concerned standing tall and confident in a shaft of light stretching from the crystal to them. Next morning, wash the crystal under running water and store until it is needed or give it to the person concerned. This spell works because you have no expectations. Your gift of encouragement is freely given without thought of reward. The payoff comes when you see the recipient succeed in their own way.


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I need a spell to help my aunt. She’s being harassed by her boss at work who is constantly threatening to fire her. I need her to be confident in the next step she takes in life.


I’m looking for a spell for a friend I only know over the internet, who’s having a rough time. I want to send him as much positive energy as possible, but I don’t know where he lives, what he looks like, or even if Damien is his real name. I really need help finding a spell that will work for him.


Can a person do this spell for themselves?

Fey Wilde

I am doing this now to send all the energy and strength I can to my best friend whom I love dearly.

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