How Magical Wands Use Throughout History

The History Of How Magic Wands Have Been Used

A magic wand is a channel and focus point of your energy. Wands can be built from copper, crystals, real wood and virtually anything else. A wand develops into an energy instrument once all the pieces are assembled successfully. All magic wands found throughout magic wand history are able to transmit energy to anything and just about anyplace. Wands can be used to manifest whatever the mind desires. They can also be used to encourage healing and also to burst through energy blockers.

What Else Can You Do With A Real Magic Wand?

To start with you must do should be to rub both hands together for about ten seconds or so to open up the energy pathways in your hands. Next, be sure to grasp the wand just as has been done through the course of magic wand history in your writing hand. Think of it in this way, a person's prominent, or writing hand, pushes the energy and your other hand receives the energy. Next aim the tip of the magic wand towards your other hand. At this time you really need to envision by using all your ability that you see and genuinely feel energy progressing from the middle of your body, throughout your arm and into the wand, along to the point and to your receiving hand. Wands throughout magic wand history are known to absorb negativity, and you need to discharge or dilute it, not send it anywhere specific. Wands, like all subtle energy devices, really need to be cleaned frequently in order to keep the energy clean and pure.

Magic Wand History Will Tell Us What Real Magic Wands Are Useful For

Everywhere in magic wand history, magic wand energy often is put into use for restorative healing, focusing amulets, enchanting commonly used items, harmonizing and grounding yourself, enhancing a skill, or to generate your destiny the way you desire. All sorts of healing are methods of opening up the energy supply, and breaking down blockages, going back to a stable state. With a real magic wand, you can heal almost all varieties of soreness, cuts, the common headache, nervousness, stress symptoms and mental and emotionally charged wounds. Each of these wounds are blockages in your energy flow. Stress: the energy pathway of “letting go” is obstructed. Nerves are energy routes from your brain. Cuts: the pathways on the skin have been cut. Whenever you are mentally damaged it is because you just aren't letting go of the pains (energy obstruction). The common headache: blockages of blood or another imbalances occurs when the essential energy can't reach the brain. Nonetheless if the source of the problem is not sorted out the healing will only be temporary, i.e. head ache for lack of fluids, the head ache can be absolved but without having water it will return soon.
Recharging Your Magic Wand

magic wand is able to drop its charge and each time this occurs, you'll need to recharge it. Additionally, you can hold the wand in both hands and send out energy from your hands and body directly into the wand. Imagine the magic wand sparkling with a dazzling white light. You may find that charging a wand using your hands can drain you of your very own energy. If this takes place, you can bring the energy up from the bottoms of your feet and downwards through the top of your head. Bring the focus of the energy towards the midsection of the body. But bear in mind, pyramid collectors are able to continuously gather energy. Which means that the energy that's stored inside of the pyramid is intense and long-lasting. Wands can act as sponges and they can bring in all surrounding energies, so be cautious if you let other people handle it. You might pick up their bad vibes! To prevent contaminating your wand, you should store it in a specialized magic wand pouch or wrapped in a cloth as has been taught throughout magic wand history. This definitely will help to preserve only your energies in the magic wand. A large number of people consider that black, blue, violet or celestial styles tend to perform best, unless of course your feelings tells you otherwise.

How We Have Cleaned Our Wands Throughout Magic Wand History

It is actually exceedingly crucial to cleanse your magic wand because doing so is going to eliminate undesired energy that may have gathered. Wands or other items may be placed on Selenite for a time period to allow purifying. Place the magic wand on Selenite for a few hours or up to a couple of days, based on the cleaning it requires. The larger sized the piece of Selenite that you have, the faster and more robust the cleaning will be. One other way to cleanse your magic wand is to use burning sage, which is known as smudging. Hold the smoking sage beneath the wand and imagine the smoke soaking up all of the negative energy coming from the wand while it passes. You could also set the wand in a stream, but be mindful that it doesn’t get washed away. The running waters will wash away all unwanted energy. One word of note, do not place a wood wand in a river, it could actually deteriorate or maybe destroy it.  Yet another way to cleanse and charge your wand is to leave it outside under the light of a Full Moon.
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