An Apple Spell for Love Divination

The apple is sacred to the Roman goddess Pomona. Pomona was the keeper of the apple orchards and she traveled the land with her pruning knife tending to and caring for all the apple trees. Pomona was an independent soul, but she eventually found love with a very determined young man named Vertumnus. Working with apples in your Halloween spells and charms makes good magical sense. Apples are both a fruit of love and a fruit of wisdom. Inside the apple is the star of knowledge, and of course slicing an apple horizontally will reveal the Witches’ star hidden within.

Considering the folkloric significance of this fruit, it’s not surprising that in the old days, young women believed that on Halloween night they could divine the name of their future husband by reading apple parings. To perform the old apple peel trick, you must pare an apple in an unbroken chain and then flip the apple peel over your shoulder and into a previously placed pot or cauldron of water. The peel will unfurl in the water, taking the shape of the first letter, of the first name, of your true love. Try this Halloween night spell to go along with your love apple divination:
Apple Pentagram Magic Love Spell by Project Fey
Apple peel, apple peel, let’s you and I play a game,
Take the shape, of the first letter, of my true love’s name.
By the mystery of love, and the magic of Halloween (Samhain),
With the help of Pomona, now make your symbol clear to me.

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