Samhain Goddess: Honoring Mazoe, Crone Morgen

Our modern-day Halloween celebration comes from the ancient Celtic holiday called Samhain (SOW-en). This is the time of the season which the Crone rules.

Honoring Mazoe, Crone Morgen

I am the Morgen Mazoe
I am the Dark Goddess, the Dark Lady, the Crone
I am the Lake of the Mists
I am the Guardian of the Gateways to the Underworld
My hawk watches just overhead
My sow, toad and frog travel at my side
You each will know me, you each will feel my embrace
I will teach you of fear and forgetting, sadness and compassion
For I am The Transformer
I hold the sickle that cuts the thread of life
I am the dark chasm into which you fall
I am the dark hag that dwells in your shadow
I am the screaming banshee in your worst nightmare



Who is Mazoe?

Mazoe is the Morgen of Samhain.  She is the great transformer that takes us to the Underworld.  She takes us into our Shadow selves to face all that is hidden and unacknowledged.  Her sacred creatures include the sow that roots in the earth, and the bats which emerge at dusk, hunting through gardens and fields.  Her bird is the hawk that hovers over the entrance to the Underworld on the slopes of the Glastonbury Tor.

She is old, but not ancient.  She still has energy and vigor.  She is often tired of the ways of humans and often appears to us as hostile, but beneath her apparent anger she is filled with amazing love.

Her color is black.  She is darkness and the night.  Call out to Mazoe for her to be kind to you, to allow you to see her without fear.  Welcome her presence knowing that a small homeopathic measure of her poison can heal your wounds and give you renewed life.  For it is through Her Wisdom and guidance we learn lessons from experience past and begin life anew from the wisdom gained.


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