Elder Moon: November 24 - December 23

 Sambucus canadensis

The Elder Mother; The Queen of Herbs

13th month of Celtic Tree calendar, November 25 - December 21

Celtic Tree Month Elder - 13th consonant  of the Ogham alphabet - Ruis

13th consonant  of the Ogham alphabet - Ruis


The winter solstice has passed, and the Elder moon is a time of endings. Although the Elder can be damaged easily, it recovers quickly and springs back to life, corresponding to the approaching New Year. Called Ruish by the Celts (pronounced roo-esh), the month of Elder is a good time for workings related to creativity and renewal. It is a time of beginnings and endings, births and deaths, and rejuvenation. Elder is also said to protect against demons and other negative entities. Use in magic connected to Faeries and other nature spirits.

Magical Correspondences
Plant  Venus
Element Water
Symbolism Judgment, Transformation, Death & Regeneration, Fate, The Inevitable
Stone Olivine, Jet (Black Amber)
Flower Dandelion
Birds Pheasant, Raven, Rook 
Magical Properties Exorcism, Prosperity, Banishment and Healing
Medicinal Properties Traditionally all parts of Elder are useful medicinally. The berries and the leaves are both rich in vitamin C. The leaves can be made into ear drops to treat pain and inflammation. The flowers make a tea that is good for treating coughs and irritable throats, as well as being made into a skin cleanser and lotion. The bark of the new small twigs can be made into a laxative. The bark, roots, berries and leaves can all be used as a dye.  And the berries are good for making jam, wine, vinegar, and syrups.


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