Banish Your Soul’s Darkest Corners Starting Nov 7 During Scorpio's New Moon

New moons usually come with new beginnings, but you may have to be a little patient during this Scorpio New Moon. The new moon on November 7th is ruled by Scorpio, a sign of light and darkness and extreme highs and lows. Before getting the next beginning, Scorpio will illuminate the darkest corners of your soul and your life that has been untouched—until now.

Halloween may be over, but the dark half of the year is just beginning. However, the darkness is not an enemy. You can become more evolved through addressing your shadow side. Are you hiding and repressing some of the darker emotions? Perhaps you are ignoring your own personal truths? Are you afraid to reveal your authentic self and your magic?

After answering these questions and fully exploring the depth of the answers, you can integrate Scorpios full power—an evolved self with both the light and the darkness perfectly integrated and healed in order to merge. With this integration comes power, passion, and deep transformation.

Acknowledge and Release Dark Emotions

“Negative emotions are like waves – they rise up to their peak and then fall and fade away. We avoid negative emotions because they feel so bad, but also because they can sometimes feel like they will stay forever. We can become afraid that that sadness and loneliness or fear represents ‘reality’ and that once we give into it that is what our life will be like.

The truth is, when you open up to your negative emotions, they will come and they will go.” – 7 Cups For The Searching Soul

Sometimes we humans forget that everyone experiences negative or dark emotions. Especially when on a self-healing and spiritual growth journey, there is a big push to focus on the positive and cultivate positive emotions. We are told that is what is needed to hold high manifestation powers, what gets us into the flow state, and what create a better life.

That is so, but it is important to feel healed when you are positive, and not just hide all the negative emotions without releasing them.

This new moon will provide the opportunity for you to do just that. See if any of these stand out to you and dig deeper to see their origin, then find a way to release these emotions.

To release negative emotions you can do any deep breathing exercises while thinking of the emotions and associated memories that pop up. You can also do some introspective journaling on the subject, or talk to a friend you trust and feel safe with to no longer hold it all in alone.

Explore Your Passions

There is another reason to explore your more negative emotions—often they are the clues to your inner true desires.

Fear can show you what you are afraid to lose and what are your priorities in life. Maybe it is something you truly want but are afraid to reach for it.

Frustration and Envy can tell you that you are not where you want to be in life and guide you to the right path.

Anger and Sadness can both (yet differently) point out where your own needs are not being met.

When you give yourself the chance to embrace your own shadow this new moon, you give yourself an opportunity to release negative emotions, grow from them, and transmute them into beautiful beginnings—which is what the new moon is supposed to be all about. This time it is just taking the longer way to get there.


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