Project Fey offers one of a kind, handmade blank Books of Shadows, grimoires, altar tables, runes and other witchcraft supplies, all hand forged with positive intent and hand crafted by an actual witch specifically to be used as a magical tool for meditations, rituals, spells and practical magic. Every item is ritually cleansed and charged then packaged with cleansing and protection herbs for shipment in a discreet box.

We celebrate that each practitioner and their path is completely individual, so why buy a generic ritual tool that is produced for the masses?  At Project Fey each item is specifically customized to suit your preferred esthetic and your magical needs.

Project Fey is committed to being 100% green!  In reverence to Mother Earth, we produce 100% eco-friendly products with organic and/or all natural components. 

Fey Wilde is a third degree, high priestess who was born with the energy of The Craft running through her veins and has been using and teaching Practical Magic nationally for over two decades.  She has worked as a full time, fine artist since she was 19 years old.

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