We use only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Oils from naturally grown plants are more complete and are the most therapeutic in both medicinal and magickal applications.  Therapeutic' essential oils are those that contain the most complete, well-balanced, natural array of aromatic molecules. The aroma's of these oils are more complex and beautiful; they are also the most challenging to make.

There are 3 main grades of oils and herbs.

  • Grade A essential oils are pure therapeutic quality and are usually made from organically grown plants distilled at the proper temperatures using steam distillation.
  • Grade B essential oils are food grade; they may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical/synthetic extenders, or carrier oils.
  • Grade C oils are perfume grade and may contain the same type of adulterating chemicals as food grade oils. They also usually contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest. Solvents are normally cancerous. This is what’s in the store bought perfumes and other scented products.

What does "wildcrafted" mean?  Rather than plants being harvested by farmers, the plants are collectedf in the "wild" where they are naturally occurring.  This ensures that they are not only organic and pesticide freel but that they will also replenish ijn the natural environment.