Small Victorian Butterfly - 1 3/8 H x 1 7/8" W

Antiqued Copper
Polished Brass
Small Victorian Butterfly - Polished Brass
Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Small Victorian Butterfly - Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Small Victorian Butterfly - Nickel

Craftsman - 1 3/4" H x 2 3/8" W

Antiqued Copper
Craftsman - Antiqued Copper

Making Products As Unique As You.

Customize your Book of Shadows, Altar Table and Runes so they are exactly the way you've always dreamt they to be.

Don't buy mass produced, generic ritual tools and magical items that everyone already has! We celebrate that each practitioner, their individual style and spiritual path is completely unique. Each item by Project Fey is specifically created for you and your magical needs.


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