SAVE MONEY by purchasing multiple packs of your favorite fire product! Be sure to adjust the quantity when you order!
Mother Earth Approved!
Using Phoenix Fire celebrates the magic in every fire while keeping Mother Earth safe.  Phoenix Fire is 100% eco-friendly in every way - the creation of the product, the packaging and burning Phoenix Fire is safe both indoors and outside.  The plastic bag is recyclable and the tag is made from 100% recycled paper too!  So you can feel good about using it knowing that it’s giving as much reverence to Mother Earth as you are!
No Harmful Or Toxic Chemicals

In keeping with Project Fey's commitment to being eco-friendly, Phoenix Fire burns clean and safe.  Unlike other commerical, mass-produced products made entirely of chemicals and that have warnings against breathing the smoke and fumes, standing 15-20 away from flames and not cooking over the fire.

Phoenix Fire is completely non-toxic so pull out your veggie dogs to roast over colored flames or feel free to gather your circle close to the flames for spell crafting, scrying or meditation!