Deluxe Custom Spell Kit for Real Results

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  • Deluxe Custom Spell Kit for Real Results

Deluxe Custom Spell Kit for Real Results

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Your deluxe custom spell kit comes with everything you will need to perform working practical magic with real results!  Each spell kit is the perfect blend of old world magic and modern day convenience created specifically for you and your needs by Fey Wilde, a witch with decades of experience using and teaching all elements of witchcraft.


Every Deluxe Custom Spell Kit Includes:

  • Detailed Instructions On High Quality Parchment Paper
  • 2 Colored Candles
  • Custom Blended Incense
  • 3 Polished Pocket Stones
  • 1 Clear Quartz
  • 1 Essential Oil Gemstone Bottle
  • Feather, Herbs or Healing Flower Petals
  • Spell Bag

Each Deluxe Custom Spell Kit will be written just for you and tailored specifically to your needs and desires.  You do not have to be a practitioner of the Craft or have magical experience to use them.

Submit Your Spell Needs: 

Email Fey Wilde to specify your spell needs.  Be as descriptive as possible.  What are you trying to do?  Do you want to create or remove something in your life?  Are you trying to reach a particular goal?

Spell Kit Idea's:

  • Altar Of Wealth Money Spell - attract wealth and prosperity
  • Crossing Paths Love Spell - bring romance or lust
  • Banish Negativity Spell - remove dark energy