Phoenix Fire

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Phoenix Fire

$17.07 $20.97
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You don't have to be a witch to make any day or night truly magical! Phoenix Fire creates powerful and beautiful colored flames in any wood burning fire. This is perfect for fire magick, sabbats or any time you want to make your fireplace, cauldron, fire pit or campfire extra magical!

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Mother Earth Approved!  

Phoenix Fire celebrates the magic of colored flames in your fire while keeping Mother Earth safe.  As with all Project Fey products, Phoenix Fire is 100% eco-friendly in every way! The packaging is from recycled paper and plastic and can be recycled again after use, the product itself contains no toxic or harmful chemicals to people, animals and the Earth which is why it's safe to burn both indoors and outside!  

How To Use:

Simply place an entire package of Phoenix Fire on top of your fire and watch the magic begin!  Within seconds, your fire will be a stunning display of brilliant colored flames and crackling pops for up to 45 minutes! 


Learn More About Phoenix Fire:

Amazing Color & Fire Magic Secrets Revealed

Great ways on how to use Phoenix Fire for meditation, spells, fire and color magic, meditation and more.

Learn What Makes Phoenix Fire So Much Better Than The Rest?
Find out why Phoenix Fire is not only better for YOU, the environment or any other big box or camping supply store.



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